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Grace Bishop Run this Saturday, June, 4 at CSU Stanislaus. We will meet for breakfast at Huckleberry’s at around 6:30am or meet at CSU Stanislaus at 7:30am. Contact Reno at kg6baa@aol.com for more information and verify your ability to help.
Talk In Repeater: 147.030 + 100Hz
Event Repeater: 147.030 + 103.5Hz

June Meeting/Ice Cream Social/Ham Swap Location

The June meeting will be held at:
Crane Park, Turlock

Field Day 2016

The Turlock Amateur Radio Club will be held at:
1100 Lowe Road
Hughson, CA 95326

Setup will begin at approximately 1200 (local time) hours on June 24.  The contest begins at 1100 hours (local time) on June 25 and continues for 24 hours.  The club will be having a potluck at the field day site beginning at approximately 1800 hours (local time).

This is a fun event every year and the whole family is welcome.

Talk In:
147.030 + (100 Hz)

For more information please contact Spencer, KJ6ART at:

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Upcoming Events

Board Meeting: June 8

General Meeting: June 14

ARRL Field Day: June 25-26

General Meeting: July 6

Board Meeting: July 12

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